Game of Thrones Season 7 New Speculations Include New Cast & Possible Scene Location Shoot

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Game of Thrones is already rolling forward with its production, as its started off earlier this month with filming somewhere in Northern Ireland.

While other areas known to in the filming locations list include Spain and Iceland, a new report from El Correo (via Watchers on the Wall) have sighted more details on where the shoot location in Spain will be held.

The area in question is Barrika's Muriola Beach. From the looks of it, filming by the beach will supposedly start in October. However, details of what will happen in the site are kept under tight wraps. As per the report, even the town's mayor Robert Muñoz does not know all the details.


Considering the location and where the series last left off, it is possible that this Game of Thrones location will be for Dany and her entire fleet to dock.

One other speculation involves Murder, She Wrote actress Angela Lansbury. According to Metro, the actress is supposedly in talks to be part of two episodes in the seventh season.

The news was spotted in a German news site, which hints that she is another one of the expected additions to Game of Thrones.

This closely follows the announcement that Jim Broadbent, known for his role as Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter films, will join the cast. His role, while dubbed as a significant one, has still not yet been confirmed

Game of Thrones season 7 will only have seven episodes once it premieres sometime in summer 2017.

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