Game of Thrones New Stills Showcase Leading Ladies

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In a month's time, fan can finally catch the latest season of Game of Thrones—now reported to have a longer run time for its season premiere episode.

Now three new still have been spotted for Game of Thrones season 7, care of fan site Winter is Coming. The character stills focus on three leading women of the series, namely Dany, Sansa, and Arya.


Sansa looks far removed from the flighty and flirty innocent girl that she was, as she wears an all-black ensemble to signify that she's ready to take back what's rightfully hers.

Dany's still image is still from the familiar scene earlier leaked where she's preparing to enter her former home. Here, she's clad in the attire seen in the teaser trailer, one that makes her look every inch the badass she is with her fleet and dragons behind her.

And for Arya, she looks like she's in deep conversation with someone while sitting by a cozy fire. I'm interesting in knowing where she is and who she's in talks with.

All of these just suggest that Game of Thrones is brewing something for the three previously wronged or belittled women of the show. And we're all just very excited for it.

Game of Thrones will be back on HBO on July 16.

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