05 Feb 2017 3:04 AM +00:00 UTC

Game of Thrones' Leaked Concept Art Hints What Happens in Season 7 Finale

Whistleblowers, wall watchers, and the more rabid fans of Game of Thrones might finally have outdid themselves in this particular leak. This time, what were posted online on Reddit were not images of filming that were stolen by camera from a great distance. It was a highly detailed concept art that confirmed reports of the scenes that were being shot for Season 7. It also may give clues about what will happen in the Season 7 finale which actress Maisie Williams had equally hinted was going to be a cliffhanger.

As reported by The Independent, the leaked concept art establishes Tyrion and Bronn standing on the grounds of a fort. Someone who looks like Jon Snow is approaching them. But it's the title of the art that's a giveaway: "Game of Thrones VII, Dragonpit Entrance."

What would the new King of the North, the new Hand of the Mother of Dragons, and the mercenary protector of Jaime Lannister be doing in one of Westeros' most revered and feared keeps? Set on a mount in Kng''s Landing, Dragonpit was the Targaryens' cradle for its conquering dragons.

Speculations run that the shaky alliance of would-be kings and queens ascended into this building to satisfy themselves that Daenarys' dragons are real. Or, as recent Season 7 theories put it, they want to see for themselves a live wight that Jon captured.

There's no word yet on which month of this year Game of Thrones' Season 7 will finally air. But leaks like this concept art satiate fans' appetite during these long months of waiting, and keep us wanting for more.