Game of Thrones Hints to Epic Battle for Dany’s Army, Familiar Face Rumored to Return

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It looks like the shooting in Belfast for Game of Thrones season 7 is going to be a star-studded one. Following the sightings of one Sand Snake and mother Ellaria, as well as the current Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Cersei, there are a few new interesting updates in Belfast and beyond.

To start off, a familiar face was spotted in Belfast even though he hasn't been seen in three seasons of Game of Thrones. Watchers on the Wall has spotted Joe Dempsie, who played the role of Gendry way back in the first three seasons. For those who need some refreshing, Gendry is the illegitimate but only direct heir of King Baratheon.

Following all of the events since he was last seen rowing away into who knows where, it seems hard to picture where he will fit in the story. Cersei seems unlikely to give the throne without a fight. And Dany and her fleet are far from surrendering, given that the most important players in the Game is pretty much her ally.


Of course, it is also very possible that Dempsie is in Belfast for leisure. Though it's hard to forget the statement that Dempsie gave earlier. He stated that Gendry is very much a loose end at this point, and Game of Thrones is not likely to have that in its run.

With more surprises popping out, like The Hound's return, the possibility of Gendry coming back does have its merits.

What is sure is how Dany's fleet and the upcoming battle to take places are shaping up quite nicely. A new leak in Spanish website (via Vanity Fair) has spotted some an ad in Spain for more extras to play soldiers in Game of Thrones.

According to the report, the show is looking to have extras who have military backgrounds. What's more, it was suggested that some of the extras will need to be prepared to shave their heads and beard. Of all the characters in Game of Thrones, this points heavily to the Unsullied group.

In addition to the Unsullied, it seems that the casting will grow even more, with the addition of many horses. Again, this suggests one thing: the Horse Lords of the Dothraki. Considering that that a big part of Dany's is comprised of these two groups, we may be seeing a lot of these warriors in the next battle, which fingers crossed, will hopefully bring up the Battle of the Bastards up a notch.

Game of Thrones will return on HBO for season 7 sometime in 2017.

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