07 Feb 2017 1:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Galactic Empire Releases Star Wars-Themed Metal Album

The Star Wars cosplay band are finally releasing their highly-anticipated metal album, and they're following it with a UK tour.

"At long last! Our preparations are complete," the band said in a joint statement. "The mighty Galactic Empire will unleash our ultimate weapon in the battle to bring heavy metal to your galaxy."

"The puny humans at Velocity and Rise Records have succumbed to the crushing power of the Dark Side and will release our debut full-length album on which we pay tribute to Supreme Sith Overlord John Williams with 11 tracks of pure sonic devastation. Join us, and together, we can rule the galaxy!"


It's cool that they're paying tribute to the legendary composer.

You can stream their whole album on Spotify. Their intrumental metal versions of iconic Star Wars are really worth listening to if you love both metal and Star Wars.

You can watch their musical video of their metal version of Imperial March below: