Gal Gadot's Paycheck For Wonder Woman is Surprisingly Small

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Wonder Woman has already grossed over $500 million in worldwide box office, promising to surpass Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. But how much did star Gal Gadot actually make for her work in this successful superhero film?

The answer: $300,000! However, the Israeli actress will probably end up making more after she receives bonus that actors usually get when a movie hits box office milestones. For a summer blockbuster, however, the sum is quite surprising. Gadot initially signed on for three films, which have already been covered by Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and this November's Justice League. In 2014, she revealed that she was paid $300,000 per film. This is usually the norm for superhero films that are just building up its franchise. Chris Evans earned the same amount for Captain America, and some Avengers cast members earned $200,000.

Wonder Woman has received more praise from critics and fans, so if the franchise continues, Gadot will most likely get paid much more.

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