Gal Gadot Thanks Zack Snyder During Acceptance Speech For Rising Star Award

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Zack Snyder may be both loved and hated by the DCEU fandom, but Gal Gadot definitely has him to thank for being the celebrity she is today. Gadot has just received the Rising Star Award, and her acceptance speech thanked Snyder for giving her the opportunity to be Wonder Woman despite her wanting to quit acting four years ago.

She said (via Heroic Hollywood):

"Thank you so much for this honor. This is all very new to me and weird and I feel so humbled to be here, especially in a room filled with people that I'm inspired by and admire so much. Thank you. I've always felt that it was rewarding enough to do what I love and to work with such wonderful people. So to also be given this award is really, really special. Four years ago, I got tired of all the ‘no's and the rejections that I just wanted to quit acting. But of course the universe works in mysterious and wonderful ways and I received a phone call that I got this very special part. Zack Snyder had this strong vision of who Wonder Woman should be and I am forever grateful that he gave me the opportunity to play this iconic character. Working on Wonder Woman was a life-changing experience. This character represents so much that I believe in. She's about doing the right thing, helping others, sticking to her beliefs, and she's motivated by the most beautiful quality: love. This is something we all need and are inspired by."

Though Gadot had already been getting roles in films before Wonder Woman, the movie was definitely a gigantic boost for her career, and she became a feminist icon overnight. In a genre dominated by muscle-bound supermen, Gadot proves she can stand her ground amongst them all—a true Wonder Woman.

As of now, the only movie in the DCEU expected to come out this year is Aquaman, but we should expect the Wonder Woman sequel to come out later next year on Nov. 1, 2019.

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