25 Mar 2018 12:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Gal Gadot Pokes Fun at Deadpool for Stealing Wonder Woman's Pose

Deadpool 2 had released a great trailer last week, and we finally have an official confirmation on the X-Force. The reveal had DP crossing his arms together to form an ‘X' but Gal Gadot had claimed that the pose had been Wonder Woman's last year.

Here's her poking fun at the character:

And of course, Ryan Reynolds himself did not pass up an opportunity to joke with Gadot:

The move probably wasn't a deliberate jab at Wonder Woman, but based on the Cable teaser for the film, Deadpool 2 may be poking fun at the DCEU's shortcomings. It made fun of Green Lantern in the first movie; what does Wade have to say about the only successful DCEU film (so far)?


Wonder Woman is currently gearing up to shoot the sequel later this year, and after Deadpool 2, it's said that Wade and his merry band of mutants will be making an X-Force movie. With the Disney/Fox acquisition taking place, I wonder how the Marvel Studios plans to merge the X-characters with the MCU. Hopefully they find a way to seamlessly put the worlds together. My guess is we're going to be introduced to multiverses via Doctor Strange.

Deadpool 2 is set for a release on May 18.

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