Friday Night Magic Nontoken Promos Will Be Back With Dominaria

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Photo: Wizards of the Coast

Last July, Wizards of the Coast introduced double-sided Friday Night Magic promo tokens, replacing the usual FNM promos that players receive during the weekly events. It turns out that many in the community were upset with the changes, and you can watch this video on why it was considered a bad idea. They've listened to feedback, and now, the company has announced that they're bringing back nontoken FNM promos starting with the Dominaria set on April 27.

According to the announcement, the promo cards will be from Standard-legal sets so players will have a chance to show them off in Standard events. This would definitely bring more players to join Friday Night Magic events.

If you're wondering why they made the change in the first place, here's the explanation that Wizards provided back in July:

"The data just doesn't bear that out. While I can't give you the exact numbers, I can tell you this—in June, when Aether Hub was the FNM promo, attendance was not noticeably different than January, when Noose Constrictor was the promo. What's more, we've found this pattern repeated for years. FNM attendance is generally not noticeably tied to the community's online response, positive or negative, to the specific promo card. A few people recognize this, but it's understandably difficult to see that when your frame of view is your local store or stores. We know that individual store attendance levels can ebb and flow for any number of reasons, but on a macro level, there's just not a discernable difference."

Well, I'm glad that they realized that it was a mistake. I can't wait to see them reveal the next nontoken FNM promos.

Which Standard-legal cards would you like to see as FNM promos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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