Frank Oz Shares One Filmmaking Lesson He Got From Empire Strikes Back Director

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Frank Oz has been with Star Wars since Empire Strikes back, and it was fortunate enough that he was able to cameo as Yoda again for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With all the fanboys crying about a lot of the movie's supposed plotholes, Oz has decided to share one lesson he learned from Empire director Irvin Kershner.

He shares:

With the entire fanbase of Star Wars all grown up, you can expect a good chunk of the fans to be overtly critical whenever something "doesn't make sense" in the movie. The truth is, you have to give up logic for whatever serves the story better. With the vacuum of space, there shouldn't even be any explosions during the space battle, but you don't see anyone complaining about that; you shouldn't even be able to hear the iconic howl of TIE Fighters if Star Wars had followed "logic."


Personally, when it comes to Star Wars, it helps to keep the mindset of a young audience member in the 70s, seeing the movie for the first time. Instead of criticizing everything they hated about the movie, they just bask in awe of all the things that would unfold onscreen—no mention of "it would be better if-s" or "they totally wasted-s."

At least, that's how I think Star Wars should be enjoyed.

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