Frank Miller Wants To Write A Superman Comic Where Batman is The Villain

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It looks like Frank Miller isn't retiring from writing comic books about Batman and Superman anytime soon. Just last month, he revealed that he was planning to write Dark Knight IV. And now, he has another story idea he'd like to tell. The news came from Bleeding Cool, who shared the following information about what Miller said:

"So while he again affirmed that Brian Azzarello is the actual writer of Dark Knight 3: The Master Race, he told us about a project he would like to create similar to the Dark Knight but focused on Superman. But a story in which Batman, Bruce Wayne, is the bad guy."

That's not a mind-blowing concept. Anyone could picture Batman as a villain, but Miller would probably frame it in a way we've never seen it before. Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman film seems to present Batman as a villian a bit. I'd probably be more interested to see Superman as the villain though. So would you like to see Miller's idea come to life?