FOX Shuts Down Fantastic Four Marvel Rumors

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Earlier today, Den of Geek shared a rumor saying that the film rights to Fantastic Four have returned to Marvel, and that a film will be released in 2020, but 20th Century Fox reached out to the site to shut down the rumored deal, and said that it's "completely untrue."

Recently, we heard that Fox and Marvel are teaming up to developa couple of TV shows based on X-Men characters. The source claimed that Fox were given the TV rights for X-Men in exchange for Fantastic Four, and that deal has been in the works for a while. The source explained that the timing ofMarvel's announcement of its film slate leading to 2020and the X-Men TV series is not coincidential. The report stated that one of those three untitled films was Fantastic Four.

As much as I would love to see Marvel re-acquire the rights to Fantastic Four, I'm glad to hear that this rumor was shut down quick. There are more compelling stories based on Marvel comic books, and I don't think Fantastic Four deserves to be one of those untitled films that Marvel recently announced.

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