Four TV Spots and New Key Visual Released For Pokémon: The Movie - Everyone's Story

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Fans are pretty excited about this Friday's Pokemon: The Movie - Everyone's Story, which looks to be the most beautiful-looking film in the franchise's history. Now that the movie is showing this Friday, four TV spots have made their way online thanks to Wit Studio and Oriental Light and Magic, along with a new key visual that is simply gorgeous to look at.


Most of the TV spots are short, running at around 16 to 18 seconds, though there is one that's slightly longer at 32 seconds. They not only give us a glimpse at these new characters but also a quick look at Zeraora, a mythical Electric-type Pokemon that will be making its debut in the movie.


Zeraora won't be the only legendary Pokemon in the film, as the story details how Ash will meet Lugia in this universe. For those unaware, this movie and 2017's I Choose You, take place in a separate continuity from the current anime series. In the current anime, Ash has already met Lugia, so this will be a completely different story.

(Pokemon Company/Wit Studio)

There is plenty of hype for this movie, so we can only hope that it lives up to everyone's expectations. Pokemon: The Movie - Everyone's Story hits theaters this Friday on July 13.

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