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Fortnite Leak Reveals Another League of Legends Arcane Collab

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In just a few days after the release of the latest update of Fortnite, a lot of leaks has been released by dataminers. One of these leaks includes a Hawkeye crossover to Fornite. Today, another new leak has been released suggesting that the game will soon be crossing over with Netflix’s Arcane series. Back in 2021, Fortnite has collaborated with the League of Legends TV series when a new skin has been added to the game that is based on the character Jinx. And while the Jinx skin was very popular to players on its own, now, one of the other famous and major faces of Arcane should also be coming in Fornite soon.

As you can see in the tweet below from the well-known Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, Vi is set to come into the game in the near future in the form of a purchasable skin. Based on the information that has been leaked, players will be able to buy the skin as part of a larger bundle that should be released to the Item Shop. Vi’s bundle will also contain a new loading screen, a new pickaxe based on Jayce’s hammer from the Arcane series, a piece of backbling that looks like a toy rabbit, and the Vi skin. According to the leaks, the Jinx skin seems to also be coming back to the Item Shop for those who weren’t able to purchase her the first time around.

As mentioned above, this new leak for Fornite is just one of the many leaks that have been released over the course of this week. In addition to the Arcane crossover and the Hawkeye crossover, another Marvel character should also be heading to Fornite soon. Specifically, the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin should also be joining the game in the near future. It is still unknown when all of these characters will be released in Fortnite, but given the nature of the other leaks, they should all be released in the next few days.

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