Former Uncharted Writer Hints at Star Wars Game in Development

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Uncharted fans may have lost long-time series writer Amy Hennig, but Star Wars fans have gained a great addition as one of the creative minds behind Visceral Games.

At PAX West 2016, Hennig carefully shared what she can already talk about the Star Wars game that's currently in the pipeline, DualShockers reported. Sadly, there isn't a lot to go on, but from the amount of collaborations happening behind the scenes, the new Star Wars game will be a major player in the franchise.

"The task was to do the same thing that LucasFilm has been doing, and to do it with them. You need guides, that have done it for a while… A lot of projects are in the works, and the question is ‘is this authentic Star Wars?' right? And to understand what it is, and to have people there at LucasFilm that have helped us define what that is."

Hennig has basically hinted at two things at the moment for the Star Wars game. The first is that, while the development team is working closely with LucasFilm, the project will be an original story.

The second hint is that there will be AT-ATs in the game. Of course, how they will operate within the game remains to be seen. Hennig emphasized that there will be a lot of new things—characters, locations, creatures, technology, and, of course, the story.

For hardcore fans of the lore and the extended Star Wars universe, there's also a good bit of news. Even though the new Star Wars game will be an original take, the developer is ensuring that all of the new additions will bend well with the universe that fans are familiar with.

For Hennig herself, the creation process has been a big deal of changes and adaptations. Coming from

"Our goal in this game is to tell an authentic Star Wars story in an interactive context. That carries with it a whole lot of rules and baggage, that we have to kind of deconstruct, reconstruct, and honor."

It seems like Hennig and company are in the process of deconstructing the Star Wars universe. But on the flip side, it seems like a Goldilocks story, one where they have to strike the right balance of novelty without losing the essence of Star Wars.

I'm excited to see where Visceral Games is planning to take this Star Wars game. The careful planning and development process does suggest a well thought-out treatment that could possibly offer a game for both Star Wars diehards and potential newcomers to the franchise.

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