Former Bioware Writer Shares Concerns About a Possible Mass Effect or Dragon Age Series

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If a former writer of a popular video game shares their opinions of possible series or movie adaptations of the games they worked with, there is a feeling that something is just not right.

Former Bioware lead writer David Gaider recently shared his concerns on potential series adaptations of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Gaider is notable for being the writer for Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition.

There have been reports that the streaming platform giant Netflix is currently making a Dragon Age series. Also, the deal with Amazon Studios of making a Mass Effect TV series is now on the horizon. In a thread he posted on Twitter, he expressed that he is relieved that the Mass Effect-Amazon deal is meant for a TV series project. However, he is very concerned about a potential Dragon Age series, which makes him cringe at just thinking about it.

Although this was his opinion, many fans and excited and looking forward to the upcoming project.


Gaider, however, is doubtful about the project because first is about the main protagonist of the series. In both Mass Effect and Dragon Age, they have a custom protagonist. This means that the TV show would have to select whether the main hero of the show would be male or female. Just on this part, he said that this alienated the bunch of built-in fanbases who had their hopes up for these adaptations.

He also expressed that the protagonists on these games are designed to be a bit of a blank slate, meaning the players fill out with their decisions, and said that this would not work for a passive medium. It would just end up very awkward and weird.

There is still no word as to when these adaptations will be released, but many fans are still hopeful for successful adaptations of these games regardless of the mixed opinions of the people who worked on these games.

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