Force Friday Target Exclusives Showcase Rogue One, Star Wars Saga Toys

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Not sure which toy to add to your collection with the Force Friday madness? You might want to check out Target's exclusives section, as it features some Rogue One-specific toys, as well as a special pack that bundles some saga characters.

Target has a total of four exclusive toy options to choose from. Kicking it off is the two-pack bundle featuring Ray and Ren. The action figure bundle has 18-inch versions of the two characters who had faced off in that snowy lightsaber fight scene. With this bundle, fans can recreate the scene, as the figures come complete with their respective lightsabers.

"JAKKS BIG FIGS exclusive Target 2-pack captures the climactic battle between Kylo Ren and Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This 2-pack includes the only JAKKS unmasked Kylo Ren, features snow on the boots and fabric of both figures, and comes with lightsaber accessories to bring this iconic scene to life."

Target has the Funko POP! Star Wars Rogue One exclusive Jyn Erso. This is perfect for those who are building a collection of Star Wars Funko figures.

For those who want to relive some shooting action can avail of the Nerf Star Wars Captain Cassian Andor Eadue Deluxe Blaster. The gun features laser blast sound effects and GlowStrike technology for a more realistic light effects experience. It comes with the blaster, stock, targeting scope, barrel extension, 12-dart clip, and 18 darts.

Finally, there's also the Star Wars Saga 7-pack bundle featuring an all-star cast from the Star Wars universe. Now you can recreate the biggest battles and missions featuring Obi-War Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Chewbacca, and BB-8 on the Jedi side, and Jango Fett, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader on the Dark Side.

As with the usual Force Friday practice, make sure to grab what you can before stocks get sold out.

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