09 Jul 2018 9:01 AM +00:00 UTC

First Theatrical Trailer for Dragon Ball Super Movie Will Debut in SDCC

Get ready to scream Kamehameha (or Final Flash or Special Beam Cannon, whatever your favorite move is) as Toei Animation has announced that the first theatrical trailer for the Dragon Ball Super movie will debut during SDCC. This was confirmed by the company's press release, which hyped up the franchise's upcoming North American Tour, which should be a ton of fun for fans.

We've only had one teaser trailer for the film thus far and it doesn't reveal anything, aside from some gorgeous new animation. Goku will be taking on a Saiyan who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta somehow but that's literally everything we see in the teaser.

Several magazines have revealed that characters like Vegeta, Piccolo, Freeza, Beerus, and Whis will be a part of the film, with a few new faces popping up as well. It will be set after the epic Tournament of Power so it will be interesting to see what these characters have been up to since, especially Freeza, who was given a second chance at life after helping Universe 7 win the tournament.


Here is hoping that the theatrical trailer gives us a better understanding of the story, which creator Akira Toriyama is heavily involved in. Another look at the film's gorgeous animation wouldn't hurt either.

The Dragon Ball Super movie hits theaters in Japan this December, though Toei Animation is hoping for a worldwide release as well.

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