First PlayStation 5 Details Revealed, Can Play PS4 Games

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If you already have a PlayStation 4 and were hoping to get a PS4 Pro, well, you might want to hold off on it. Sony has officially revealed new details about their next-generation console, though it does not have a name yet. Most of us are expecting it to be called the PlayStation 5 but the company might end up surprising us.

Wired was given exclusive coverage about the "next-generation console," aka the PS5, and fans will be interested in the details given. Firstly, it will NOT be released in 2019 so if you still have a PS4 then you can relax. No release date or timetable was given for the new console but fans will be happy to know that it will indeed play PS4 games. Considering the number of classics the console was home to, this is very good news.

Other worthwhile details include having 8K graphics (which is wild), a solid-state drive (SSD) that will make loading times a thing of the past (supposedly), 3D audio that will make video game sounds more atmospheric, and a lot of other ambitious stuff. Mark Cerny is the lead system architect, which is good since he was also responsible for the PS4, which will go down as one of Sony's best consoles.

All of this tech talk should get fans excited, though most of us are just happy that it can play PS4 games, so we can keep our copies of Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other awesome PS4 exclusives.

So, who is going to start saving for a PlayStation 5?

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