First Look at Star Wars: Thrawn Treason

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Lucasfilm/EA DICE

Timothy Zahn has another Star Wars novel about Grand Admiral Thrawn coming soon and the latest episode of The Star Wars Show has given us a first look at the upcoming book.

The video announced that the title will be Star Wars: Thrawn Treason and it takes place once Thrawn realizes his TIE Defender Plan (shown on Rebels) has passed over for Director Krennic's Death Star plan (shown in Rogue One) and he starts to question his place in the Empire.

Check out the full cover for Star Wars: Thrawn Treason:

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You can read more about the plot of the novel on its official website.

Star Wars: Thrawn Treason will be available for pre-order next week, and it's set to hit shelves in Summer 2019.

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