First Look at Star Wars Black Series' Solo Figures; New Trooper Revealed

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With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out in a few months, Hasbro has given us a first look at their wave of Solo figures, and they include three main characters as well as a new type of stormtrooper.

Check it out:

Via Hasbro/io9


These figures are always great for giving us full body looks of characters, and I have to say that Lando and Qi'ra are looking spot-on. I don't know about you, but I think the Han figure kind of looks too much like Barbie's Ken, but maybe I just need to see it in a different angle.

Via Hasbro/io9

As for the new type of trooper, it's said to be called a ‘range trooper' and he looks to be a fusion between Rogue One's shore troopers as well as the classic snow trooper. You'll even notice the figure sporting special gear on its feet. I'm almost dead certain this trooper will be involved in what looks like a train heist scene in the teasers.

Some people may wonder where the new Chewbacca figure is, but the Black Series has already provided us with two great ones. The only thing missing is his twin bandolier strap from Solo. How convenient would it be if the new Han figure just came with Chewie straps and we could just put it on our old figures?

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25.

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