First Look At Star Wars Black Series SDCC Exclusive Rey And Luke

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Though Lucasfilm said that there won't be a Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year, there will still be a Star Wars booth for some special merch, and SDCC 2017 will bring us new figures of Rey and Old Man Luke Skywalker.

Check out these pics:

Granted, the SDCC exclusives may just come with special packaging and accessories, but Hasbro usually releases these figures with a regular price in a much later date. Though I am happy to be getting a figure of an aged Luke Skywalker, I do find the new Rey figure a bit questionable. I mean, I can't be the only one who thinks her face looks weird.

A lot of fans have fallen in love with the Black Series from Star Wars, but some collectors have complained that the painting of the figures may seem kind of off. Though the sculpts are genuinely great, it's the paint apps that make certain figures fail.


I mean, just look at the difference:

Hopefully Hasbro steps-up their painting game, because merchandising is probably one of the main branches of profit for Star Wars. At least let the fans know that you care, Hasbro.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out Dec. 15.

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