First Look at Netflix's Sense8 Finale Special

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Netflix has released a special first look at the Sense8 finale special that will be premiering on the streaming service next year. The nearly 2-minute clip shows behind-the-scenes footage of the cast and the crew filming the conclusion of the Wachowskis' canceled science fiction series.

Watch the special look below:

Not long after Season 2 premiered earlier this year, Netflix canceled Sense8 but after hearing the uproar of fans, the streaming giant decided to give a special finale for the critically acclaimed series. A pornographic company even offered to produce a possible third season to co-creators Lana and Lily Wachowski, and they wanted to include penetration in it but sadly, there's still no sign that the project will come to life. I just hope that Netflix's special finale won't be the last of the franchise. Watching this special makes me really sad that it will come to an end. This is definitely one of the best shows Netflix has produced, and it's such a shame that the company decided to take it down.

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