25 Oct 2017 12:45 PM +00:00 UTC

First Look At Karate Kid Sequel Series Cobra Kai

Youtube Red is bringing back The Karate Kid with the sequel series Cobra Kai, and orginal Karate Kid Ralph Macchio will be reprising his role as Daniel LaRusso. Interestingly enough, this series actually focuses more on his rival Johnny Lawrence who is played by Billy Zabka.

We've known that the series has been in the works for a while, but Entertainment Weekly gives us our first looks at the returning rivals. Check it out:

With Daniel-san coming out the winner of their first encounter, it looks like Johnny got the short end of the stick and hasn't been living his life so well. It's said that the show will have Johnny trying to revive the Cobra Kai dojo, while at the same time befriending one of Daniel's kids—much to Daniel's dismay.


Ralph Macchio describes the show:

"Johnny befriends one [of Daniel's kids], and that is how it connects that world into our own rivalry world… There's a tremendous amount of heart and kick-ass action sequences and martial arts, but the inherent humor comes from the fact that these are two guys who are in their 50s and still have an ax to grind. It goes back to those places where you just can't let go and you're still a teenager at heart and yet balancing your adult life — it's like the rise of the Cobra Kai. It's the worst nightmare for someone like Daniel LaRusso."

The show is branded as a comedy, and I'm actually pretty excited to see where it goes. After thinking that Macchio and Zabka's last moments in the spotlight were their appearances in How I Met Your Mother, Cobra Kai looks to be a fun series which fans of the original will probably love.

No specific release date has been announced for Cobra Kai, but it will probably air on Youtube Red sometime in 2018.

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