First Lesbian Couple in a Disney film to be featured in Finding Dory?

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Because Disney Pixar films are so good at tugging at our heartstrings, it's already expected that Finding Dory will be another tear-jerker film from the companies. However, it would appear that Disney Pixar isn't only breaking hearts with Finding Dory, this time the movie might also be making boundaries.

Speculations began when the latest Finding Dory trailer was released last week. Of course, Dory's search for her parents and the new friends she'll be meeting during her new journey were highlighted, but there's a quick scene in the trailer where a couple was shown. This couple is believed to be both female hence rumors run amok that Disney could be featuring its first lesbian couple in one of its movies.

The couple was shown during the scene where Tank the Octopus pretended to be a baby in a carriage.


One of the well-known posts about the rumor is seen below:

LGBT representation in film has become one of the most controversial topics in Hollywood today, with Disney being put in the limelight. The media giant's biggest franchises to date, which include Pixar, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are singled out for featuring only heterosexual characters.


Advocates have since campaigned for more representation of LGBT characters in the company's films. Most recent, and quite popular campaigns include a romantic relationship between Cap and Bucky, with the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaaBoyfriend, as well as Frozen's Elsa to fall for a woman, with the hashtag #GiveElsaaGirlfriend.

GLAAD has also campaigned for Disney to include LGBT characters inStar Wars: Episode VIII.

For the most part, several stars from Disney's franchises have shown their support for the LGBT community.

Elsa's voice, Idina Menzel, has said that she "thinks it's great" if Elsa were to fall in love with a woman. Actor John Boyega has said previouslythat a romance between Finn and Poe could happen. Mark Hamill also made a statement showing his openness towards the possibility of Luke Skywalker being gay.

The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has also been seen as one of the most vocal names in the industry when it comes to diversity and equality issues. He said in February that Star Warswithout gay characters is "insanely narrow-minded and counterintuitive." In addition, he and his production company, Bad Robot, have already placed a strategic hiring systems within the company to improve diversity in Hollywood.

It's also worth noting that Marvel-Disney have shown their support for the LGBT community back in April when they released a statement saying they will stop production in Georgia if the state's anti-gay bill is passed.

Maybe Disney has found a way to start the change after all. Well, we won't find out whether speculations are true until Finding Dory stars swimming on the big screen and into our hearts on June 17.

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