13 Sep 2015 5:40 PM +00:00

Finn Jones' Game of Thrones Theory About Bran Warging Into A Dragon

Game of Thrones stars Kristian Nairn (Hodor), Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), and Julian Glover (Maester Pycelle) showed up in a couple of panels at Dragon Con 2015 last weekend to answer some questions from fans, and Epicstream was there because we're huge fans of the books and the show. Although they refused to spill some details from Season 6, they did share a lot of amusing info about what happened behind the scenes and where they think the series is heading. One of the most interesting bits we got was from the second panel they did last Saturday.

When a fan asked the panel if they thought that the series will have a heroic ending, Jones said:

"I think it's going to be Bran who's going to be the true hero. There are many reasons. The moment where he touches the tree in Season 4, he has these visions, and one of those visions is a dragon flying over King's Landing. Coupled with one of Daenerys' visions where she goes to King's Landing, and sees a burned tower. Season 4- I think the Three Eyed Raven tells him that he will learn how to fly. Bran is going to learn how to Warg into a Dragon, and the story is that the Starks will come together and be heroes again"

I've seen this theory speculated by fans in various A Song of Ice and Fire forums before, but this is the first time we heard a Game of Thrones star actually mention it. It's an awesome theory that I hope will happen in the final season. When I read the books, I always thought that Bran's plot was the most distant one from the rest of the major conflicts. His story just didn't feel connected to the power struggles and battles against the White Walkers, but I know that George R.R. Martin has big plans for him. He'll have a huge purpose in the series' ultimate climax for sure. The theory does make sense, and I couldn't think of a better creature for Bran to warg into than a dragon, but why would Bran need to warg into them? Would he support Daenerys' cause or go against her? We'll just have to wait and see. Maybe Martin will provide some clues in his next novel The Winds of Winter, which is rumored to be released next year.

Jones also opened up about how he had to prepare for Season 6. He said that he read some books about people who were held captive so that he could get into the mindset of a prisoner. The last time we've seen Loras Tyrell, he was imprisoned with his sister after the male prostitute whom he had sex with betrayed him. He said that he had to make choices in his daily life to aid for his character's "suffering".

So do you think Bran will eventually warg into one of Daenerys' dragons or do you think he'll warg into someone else like a White Walker? Share your speculations in the comments sectino below.