Final X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Teases a Grim End for Fox's X-Men

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It's still coming out in June but Fox and Marvel have released the final trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The movie ends Fox's time with the X-Men franchise as these characters, along with the Fantastic Four, are scheduled to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it will be interesting to see how Fox and director Simon Kinberg end their time with Marvel's not-so-merry band of mutants.

The trailer does give us a decent amount of new scenes, though they mostly retread similar moments we've already seen. They still don't tell us who Jessica Chastain's character is or show the full death of Mystique (who has been confirmed to die), but we do get to see how Jean gets the name "Phoenix" and it's…meh.


Still, there are a couple of cool scenes that fans will like. We get a glimpse of Quicksilver using his super speed to attempt and stop Jean, Magneto getting his helmet torn apart by Phoenix and other moments that might convince fans to check this out. While retreading the same story that X-Men: The Last Stand did is very risky, this movie at least looks better than that steaming pile of garbage.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out on June 6.

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