Final Fantasy XV Will Have a Sizable Map & Character Development in DLCs

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Even with news that Final Fantasy XV's experience won't be entirely open-world all the way, it appears that game director Hajime Tabata is confident that it can deliver an experience that is incomparable with any other game so far.

Speaking to Hardcore Gamer, Tabata revealed that, as far as the depth and breadth of the game is concerned, what it aims to deliver is something else entirely.

"It's hard to compare… we are developing and creating a game in which you travel or journey by car, so a certain degree of—we did need to create it in a larger scale or a big scale. A certain level of scale was needed in order to create a game that surrounded travel by car. So even compared to other games, we can definitely say that it's something that's incomparable, something new, something that you've never experienced before in relation to other games."

This is quite the promise, but considering that the base game is just scratching the surface of the characters. Tabata confirmed that the season pass DLCs will bring more depth to the characters.

Without revealing any concrete information, Tabata stated that the goal of the DLCs is to focus on each of the characters allow their personalities to shine through the gameplay.

This treatment, according to Tabata, is what will make the DLC content "extremely valuable" for players.

Final Fantasy XV will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.

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