Final Fantasy XV Update Will Deliver a New Weapon & Compatibility

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Depending on whether or not you enjoyed the latest DLC release for Final Fantasy XV featuring the rugged righthand strong man of the team, Gladiolus, it may be time for another update to keep players in the game.

It's a good thing Square Enix has just that, as it announced the latest update of changes that will be coming to the game, as listed by Gematsu:

> PS4 Pro users can get the resolution options for this platform via the Stable Mode. this will deliver a stable framerate that matches the unit
> Larger subtitles and menu screen text sizes are coming
> A new ranking feature has been added where players can get the Afrojack weapon as the first reward. With this, the Timed Quests have also been opened
> Regalia customization options will also be available via car stickers
> Music player will have new songs

As an additional bonus, the Afrosword is its own right since it‘s a deck-themed weapon that will change the background music to a new song every time it is equipped.

Granted, these changes are more updates rather than actual content additions. Fans will have to wait a little longer, since the next character lined up to get a DLC is Prompto. For now, fans can spend some time in Final Fantasy XV completing the Timed Quests when the new update hits on April 27.

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