Final Fantasy XV Trophies Listed

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Looking for a way to prepare yourself for the launch of Final Fantasy XV? Then you may want to check out what you need to do to attain the trophies for the game.

The official list of trophies has already been released on PSN Profiles. The game features 51 of them in total.

As usual, there's the Platinum (The World Wanderer) for collecting all of the trophies. There are three Gold trophies for defeating the adamantoise (Tortoise Toppler), activating 50 ability nodes (Self-Mastered), and defeating Ifrit on Normal difficulty (Chosen King).

Five of the 51 trophies are sliver, which include the following:

Weaving a Tapestry: Completed 80 sidequests
Self-Improved: Activated 20 ability nodes
Regalia Pilot: Flew the Regalia Type-F
Homecoming: Completed Chapter 14
Faithful Heir: Collected 13 royal arms

Finally, there are 42 Bronze trophies for Final Fantasy XV. To get them, players will need to complete certain chapters and side quests, reach the different levels for certain capabilities, learn certain abilities, ride a chocobo, and even command your mates in battle.

Note that you will also need to Justice Monsters Five at least once to get the High Five for Justice trophy.

Final Fantasy XV will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.

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