Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo Features Young Noctis as The Lead Character

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Director Hajime Tabata showed up on stage at Taipei Game Show 2016 to reveal more information about Square Enix's highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. At the event, Tabata discussed the importance of the Final Fantasy games on Playstation platforms and presented two clips of the game that were later shown in detail during the recent Active Time Report.

There's a couple of Final Fantasy XV screenshots that didn't appear in the Active Time Report, however, and they stood out in the presentation. The first screenshot shows young Noctis standing alone in a forest while the other screenshot shows Regalia being accelerated at high speed traveling through an uneven landscape with a topology comparable to that of the Duscae region.

You can watch the presentation below. The screenshots are shown around the 1:03:00 mark.

The following are summarized details from the presentation:

> They're talking about how Final Fantasy has been important to PlayStation, with FF7 (PS1), FFXIII (PS3) and now XV for PS4.
> When the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo was out, they still had not planned a Chinese version like with FF13.
> Tabata changed his mind after seeing fans at Taipei Game Show last year.
> Tabata reassured fans yet again that the game will be receiving a simultaneous release worldwide.
> Tabata says Final Fantasy XV is more fun than the demo!
> Two new gameplay videos were shown that you can watch here.
> You'll need to buy gas for Noctis' car otherwise you might end up pushing it like you saw in the video.
> The team's made it easier to switch weapons, as we learned before.
> The aerial battle system has also been improved.
> No more progress reports since they want to show the final product in the future.
> Tabata says the PS4 helps express things like dynamic magic and realism.
> You won't be able to steal magitek armor but you can steal weapons.
> Players can have fun destroying the base like you saw in the video.
> Tabata can't tell us who the dragoon lady is, it's a secret.
> A screenshot of young Noctis was shown ahead of the March event as they didn't want to wait until then to present it.
> Young Noctis is the lead character in the free tech demo.

Final Fantasy XV will be released in Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

Source; Nova Crystallis