Final Fantasy XV Gets New Clips on Chocobos & Quests

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Finding a fan who hasn't seen a portion or perhaps all of the leaked footage from the game is a hard task. For those who do want to know a little more about some of the systems in Final Fantasy XV without being too heavy on the spoilers, Square Enix has revealed a few more details via some new videos.

The new videos (via DualShockers) feature a glimpse of one quest as played on the PS4. According to the report, the videos are about the quests that fans can get into when playing.


In the video, seen below we see the characters in their casual best. From the looks of it, the developers and those who were playing the game in Nico Nico are enjoying the look and feel not only of the game, but also the big reveal of the Regalia. Note that since this is not a pure walkthrough, the progress of those sampling the game are not necessarily efficient.

It does show you the many ways that you can troll Final Fantasy XV characters when you wield control.

The other video shows chocobo racing, a fun pastime in the game. We see Noctis approaching the shed where you can avail of the service. We see that Chochobo racing still does have cut scenes. In the video, it shows how players can control their chocobos, particularly when there are obstacles in the way.


Final Fantasy XV will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.

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