30 Oct 2017 3:26 PM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Gets Release Date

It's time to decide who is the best boy, as Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis would come out on December 13, during Paris Games Week. This will be the final standalone DLC for the game, after two previous episodes that focused on Gladiolus and Prompto. Expect this to be a very emotional story, since it is set before Chapter 10 where tragic events affected Ignis for the worst.

Spoilers for those that haven't reached Chapter 10 or the end of Chapter 9 in Final Fantasy XV

At the end of Chapter 9, it was revealed that Ignis was blinded during the siege that ended with Lunafreya dying. We get to see how Ignis reacted to the events of that day, with some fighting and an abrupt team-up with Ravus, whose change of heart will hopefully be explained here. It's easily the most interesting of the DLC episodes shown thus far, though the one focusing on Prompto was also pretty engaging.


This is also the first DLC episode to have some decent replayability since it will have multiple endings. While there is probably only one canon one, due to the events of the main campaign, it will be interesting to see how these other endings play out. If anything, it's better than simply replaying the episode for a high score like in the last two DLC episodes.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis comes out on December 13. Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto are available now. The Comrades multiplayer expansion has been delayed to November.

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