Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Gets New Release Date

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After the initial delay, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XV: Comrades would be coming out next week. The multiplayer expansion was originally set for an October release but was delayed due to a number of bugs that needed fixing. Seems like the developers are now more confident with the expansion's quality since it will be available next week.

Story-wise, Comrades takes place after the dubious events of Chapter 13, during the 10-year sleep of Noctis. Players will create their own character and try to uncover what has happened to the land, while also helping out a number of characters from the game. The game features a similar combat system to the one Noctis uses, with a ton of equipment and clothes for the player to use.

In the multiplayer mode of Comrades, players will be able to team up with others so that they can take on some of the game's harder quests. Interestingly enough, Comrades can also be played in single-player, so players will be able to level up their characters by themselves.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades comes out on November 15. Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Comrades can be purchased separately but is also a part of the season pass.

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