Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Brand-New Materia System

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Square Enix has more Final Fantasy VII Remake information, this time detailing how the new Materia system will be different from the old one. In the original Final Fantasy VII, players just equip Materia and can then use spells like Fira, Thundaga, and more. Now, the Materia system is going to have more depth to it, which should make battles more strategic and/or interesting.

Then again, certain Materia might also break the game if Square Enix isn't careful with their balancing. If this ends up being Kingdom Hearts 3 easy, a lot of fans are going to breeze through this game, unless they play in Hard Mode, assuming one exists in this remake. Still, the fact that Materia can now give your weapons elemental damage is awesome and should make Cloud even more fun to play.


Apparently, all Materia is different now. They will either give you elemental damage to weapons, magic spells or if you're lucky, combination spells. That's right, you will be able to combine certain Materia for devastating attacks. If the enemies can do this too, fans are going to be in for some rough boss battles.

Considering all the gameplay and visual upgrades Final Fantasy VII Remake has, it's clear that this isn't some half-assed effort. Yeah, it's going to be annoying having to wait for multiple parts of this game's massive story but if they all play well, this will be a series worth loving.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on March 3, 2020, for the PS4.


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