Final Fantasy VII Remake Releases a New Image With the Game's Main Characters

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a couple of months away and we're all still sad about the delay, though most of us have come to accept it. We'll take a game that's late and polished over one that's broken and on time so this is more than fine. Square Enix has decided to tide us over with a brand-new image that shows off all the main characters, including good old Red XIII, who was revealed in the last trailer we saw.

The key visual basically confirms that this is going to be Cloud's party for the whole game, with more installments expected to debut Yuffie, Vincent Valentine, and Cait Sith. In a perfect world, they will all be introduced in the next game but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Still, we're all pretty hyped for the remake of this beloved JRPG.


Detailing Cloud's adventures in Midgar, maybe even expanding on them, Final Fantasy VII Remake looks to give fans a familiar, yet different experience. There are new enemies in those weird smoke monsters, which seem to have some sort of connection with Aerith. We will also probably see new quests that will make us care more for Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge, which is nice. Jesse already looks like the best girl.

Currently, Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated for an April 10 release. The game will be a PS4 exclusive for a month longer than originally expected.

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