Final Fantasy VII Remake Receives Its Last Trailer Before Release

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to the PS4 next week and Square Enix has decided to give fans a new look at this game, albeit a final one. Squeenix has decided to call it the Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer and it is packed to the brim with spoilers, including our first look at the pretty boy who is going to run Shinra soon. That's right, Rufus Shinra makes his debut here and he's just as pretty as Tifa.

The final Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer (geez that's redundant), shows a number of new story elements revolving around the people of Midgar. We see a white-haired boy demand something back from Cloud, a weird dude ripping off Batman's Two-Face by asking someone heads or tails before flipping a coin, AVALANCHE eating in someone's house, and so much more. If you were worried that Midgar wouldn't get represented well, worry no more.

While there is a ton of new footage, the fact that a lot of it is out of context helps the video feel more vague than spoiler-filled. Still, once you play the game and see some of the imagery here, we're sure a part of you will feel robbed if you were hoping to come to this title spoiler-free. Either way, watch at your own risk or wait a whole week before the game comes out.

Unless you're in Australia or Europe, where the game is already available.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming to PS4 on April 10, though it might be safer to get the digital version on the PlayStation Network.

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