Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Reveals Why Advent Children Actors Were Not Recast

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It's not controversial to say that Final Fantasy VII Remake is an ambitious video game remake that managed to succeed in ways that fans couldn't imagine, giving us an intriguing, self-aware narrative that actually builds on this game's long-running mythology. It was a hard balance to make and most fans can agree that they nailed it, though the game is far from perfect. Aside from some awkward combat quirks and the anime-ness of certain cutscenes, the biggest complaint was Square Enix not using the same cast from Advent Children.

Yoshinori Kitase, the long-running producer of Final Fantasy, revealed to IGN that they did use the original cast from Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts, and Dissidia but realized that these were younger versions of the characters. Due to that, they felt that a fresh start was needed and they ended up casting newer and younger actors to take up these iconic roles.

For the film, the characters were already older than in the original game and 15 years have passed since then, we've continued to work with the same voice actors over numerous projects. However, since this title is set in an era that precedes Advent Children, with a younger cast, we wanted to discover a new generation of voice actors that would be suitable for expressing younger versions of the characters. While expressing our utmost respect to the Advent Children cast, I look forward to the future success of the new cast.

While we can definitely see why Square Enix would go for a new cast for Final Fantasy VII Remake, especially since the new cast has done such a phenomenal job, it's still easy to understand why people are upset. The cast from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have been doing this for such a long time and though it's good to know that they initially did some voice recordings, not using them, in the end, can be seen as a slap in the face.

Still, if no one's bitter about it, then no one should regret buying Final Fantasy VII Remake if they want to try it out. The game is available now on PS4 and should be coming out to other systems next year.

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