Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Comments on How Many Parts This Series Will Have

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Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a big hit with fans and many of them, whether they're new to the series or old gamers who want to relive this storyline, want to know when the next part is coming and how many parts are going to be made. Considering how this first game managed to stretch out Midgar, which was only the first few hours in the original PSOne classic, we're curious about the development of the next parts.

Plenty of fans were able to find new information on the recently-released Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, where interviews with people behind the game along with character bios and notes on how the game was made are shown. Naturally, questions on how many parts of the game were asked and Producer Yoshinori Kitase gave a pretty honest answer, stating that they are taking things one step at a time.

While most people seem to love Final Fantasy VII Remake, a common complaint is that they won't be adapting the complete game, which leads to some parts feeling much more bloated than others. Still, a majority of the game is really fun to go through and the story is still really well told. Characterization is also excellent throughout, even though some fans might complain about the anime movements of certain characters.

If you haven't yet, Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on the PS4 for physical and digital users, though it's much easier to get the latter. There's also a free demo for those that aren't sure about getting this game. The original game is also available on PS4, along with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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