Final Fantasy VII Remake Might be Coming to PC Next Year

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out in two months and PS4 users are excited to play this game once it comes out. However, most of us know that this game will only be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for one year, meaning that it will be eligible for other consoles on March 2021. It's easy enough to assume that the game will be coming to Xbox One and PC but the recent demo leak may have confirmed that this JRPG will arrive on the latter system.

Dataminer @roXyPS3 stated that there is data on the demo that could prove a PC port of this remake is coming. Apparently, there is some PC code in the demo's data, showing that Final Fantasy VII Remake will likely come to the system next year and gamers are all for it. Here's hoping that it's a well-done port since some games don't always make the transition from console to PC well and vice-versa.

Square Enix has already stated that Final Fantasy VII Remake will only detail Cloud's exploits in Midgar, which sounds like a remarkably short game to those that have played the original. Still, the developers have promised that this would be a lengthy adventure that feels like a modern Final Fantasy title so fingers crossed that this lives up to our expectations.

Currently, Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled for a March 3 release on PS4. Expect a PC port next year, maybe even an Xbox One port. Nintendo Switch fans will have to settle for the port of the original game, which is still a treat despite its age.

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