07 May 2021 11:20 AM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade Final Trailer Features Yuffie Kisaragi

Square Enix has released the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, a visually enhanced edition of the critically acclaimed roleplaying game, featuring FF7R EPISODE INTERmission - a brand new episode featuring Yuffie Kisaragi as the main character, and it comes with numerous gameplay additiions for players to enjoy.

Watch the final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade here:

For those unfamiliar, Yuffie is rebellious and cocky shuriken-wielding Materia hunter who desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation it was before being conquered by the Shinra Electric Power Company. In the original Final Fantasy VII game, she is one of the two optional characters along with Vincent Valentine, but she is the main playable character in the latest episode that comes with Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade. The trailer highlights Yuffie's emotional moment, and the English voice acting sounds brilliant. We also get our first look at the Remake's version of the Fort Condor minigame. It looks like this episode is going to be epic, and PS5 owners should be excited to play it.

For an in-depth look at all the new content coming to FFVII RemakeIntegrade, watch the features video here:


Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade

is coming to PlayStation 5 on June 10, 2021.