22 Apr 2020 12:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets an Honest Game Trailer


While COVID-19 had been delaying everything, Square Enix was able to release the much-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake on its intended April date. With the game now out and getting stellar reviews, Fandom Games has released an Honest Game Trailer for Square’s return to the classic world.




In a world of remakes, revamps, and reimaginings, prepare for the ultimate haymaker to your nostalgia sack from a game that makes Final Fantasy look the way it did in your imagination, instead of like a bunch of Roblox with wigs on.

It’s worth noting that the game had already been delayed multiple times before, so it’s kind of great that Square was able to meet its deadline before everyone else was kind of forced to delay everything else.

What’s great about Remake is, though it’s mostly going to cater to fans who played the original, it’s also a great jumping-off point for fans who are new to the franchise. Who says you have to be born in the 90s to enjoy the story of Cloud Strife?

With this remake, Square Enix is said to be looking to expand the story into multiple installments of the game. While Remake only features a segment of the full story, developers promise to give players a ‘full experience’ of playing a full title. Let’s hope they just manage to keep things interesting until the very end.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a PS4 exclusive and is available now.

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