Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Says the New Game Does Not Replace the Original

Final Fantasy VII Remake is here and PS4 owners are really enjoying this linear-action-RPG. While there are a lot of people that are bummed about the game not being "complete" with more installments to come, the remake's fun gameplay and characterization have won plenty of people over. It makes sense that a lot of people would want to stick with this version and its subsequent installments but Remake co-director Tetsuya Nomura says that shouldn't be the case since this game does not replace the original.

Speaking with Weekly Famitsu (translated by Frontline Gaming), Nomura revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake does not replace the original, stating that we wouldn't even have this game if it weren't for the original. That's pretty obvious but it's nice to see them praise the original title, which is still a good time if you can get over how dated it looks and plays. At least the remasters streamline some parts.

Honestly, once you beat Final Fantasy VII Remake, you should consider buying the original game and finding out about the main story yourself. The remake adds a lot of new content that isn't in the original and makes this more of a reboot/retelling, which isn't a bad thing at all it's just different. Plus, you get to see what happens after Midgar, which a lot of people will be dying to find out if they've only played the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII are available on the PS4. You can also get an HD remaster of the old game on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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