Final Fantasy Dimensions II is an RPG Mobile App

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If Final Fantasy XV is not enough as a new title, and if you're still looking for more FF mobile games besides Justice Monsters Five, then Square Enix has just the thing you need.

After a teaser for a new mobile game, the studio announced that it will be releasing Final Fantasy Dimensions II on the iOS and Android. Technically, the game may be following in the footsteps of predecessor Final Fantasy Warriors of Light and Darkness and Final Fantasy Legends: Space-Time Crystal.

Not much is known yet about what the studio plans for the new game. A new trailer has been released, but we don't see much of the company has in store.

We don't even see a release date or even a synopsis of the game. But according to a translation by Gematsu, game creator Takashi Tokita confirmed that this game will be a rebirth instead of an actual sequel to the game.

If you're interested in getting the mobile game, you may want to preregister over at the official website. This will net you the

The current title in the teaser trailer is Final Fantasy Legends II, since this is will be the title released in Japan. For the west, it will be released as Final Fantasy Dimensions II, in the same title that it will be released as Final Fantasy Dimensions back in 2012.

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