29 Mar 2020 12:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake had to Rewrite Original Dialogue for a Good Reason

There is little doubt that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will feature some major changes from the original game. For instance, we'll be seeing new characters as well as interesting new locations in the upcoming Square Enix title. Now, it has been confirmed that a huge portion of the dialogue had to be rewritten, but there's a good reason for that.

Video game writer Kazushige Nojima was recently featured in a behind-the-scenes video for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and he stated that he had actually wanted to make some major changes (via Twitter).

"When Square Enix told me we were doing Remake, I first asked how much we could alter the dialogue because the dialogue in the original game was designed to be read by the player. It was not voiced," Nojima said.


Interestingly, Nojima stated that it would be best to make the changes since there would be actual performers in the Remake.

"I said that if dialogue was going to be performed by actors then I would like to change it. I wanted to change it all! Because we now have these super realistic characters and performance, I have gone back and written in all the bits that were omitted because we didn't feel we needed to go into that depth with the original's simpler characters," he admitted.

It's no surprise that Nojima decided it would be better to simply rewrite the dialogue. After all, this would tell the story better considering that the characters themselves are now delivering the lines. Needless to say, we can't wait to see how the new dialogue will make the Final Fantasy 7 Remake even better.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled to launch on Playstation 4 on April 10.

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