Featured Sci-Fi Series: 'Star Force' - 'Star Wars' Meets 'Jurassic Park'

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Featured Sci-Fi Series: 'Star Force' - 'Star Wars' Meets 'Jurassic Park'

Star Force is a military science fiction epic franchise by Aer-ki Jyr, and it's described as "Star Wars meets Jurassic Park". With no end in the author's sight, the franchise currently has 2 full novels and 103 novellas split up into the Origin Series which contains 100 novellas and details the backstory that leads up to the war between the Humans and the Dinosaurs. The Mak'to'ran series (which is ongoing) details the simultaneous civil war amongst the Dinosaurs. The Wayward Trilogy (2 of 3 novels thus far) is the furthest point forward on the timeline and details the recovery of a lost Human over the course of a very important event on the timeline. By this point, Jyr has written over 3 million words for Star Force, and he doesn't exactly know how it began. 

Aer-ki Jyr aims to create a realistic universe, so the series is set in a galaxy that matches the actual geography of space. Since the franchise is set in a galaxy that's 1000 light years-thick, Jyr said that the whole franchise is "very BIG" in order to match that georgraphy with hundreds of different races in our little corner of the Milky Way and with the Dinosaur empire covering the inner half of the galaxy around the very dense core. Earth is on their frontier, leaving a lot of rimward territory open for storytelling beyond the Dinosaurs.


Interview with Aer-ki Jyr

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How is 'Star Force' a combination of 'Jurassic Park' and 'Star Wars'? 


It is a space opera scifi that takes place across the galaxy, with the main antagonist being a vast empire called the V'kit'no'sat. The empire is made up of 193 different races, whom we erroneously refer to as the dinosaurs. So think Star Wars, only with the rebels being the Humans and the evil empire are the Dinosaurs.

Why are the humans and dinosaurs fighting a war?

Humans are a slave race that serve the dinosaurs. When Earth was abandoned a few elite ones were left behind on accident. They ended up reproducing against orders, and because they were given genetically designed superpowers they and all their offspring must be destroyed for defiance of that order. So Earth and everyone on it is illegal and therefore must be annihilated to the last person, even if their latent superpowers haven't been activated.

What makes the dinosaurs in 'Star Force' more advanced than humans? How are they portrayed? 

. The dinosaur empire is millions of years old with a vast amount of knowledge, and how to not grow old and die is one key gem of wisdom. There are some individual dinosaurs over a million years old, and each race has certain superpowers given to it. The T-rexes have 'Sav' which makes them super smart, while the Stegosauruses have Saroto'kanse'vam that turns their back spines into energized plates that cut like lightsabers. All the dinosaur races have the basic Lachka, Pefbar, and Ikrid...which give them telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

You said that you wanted to make your universe realistic. How do you think you create that sense of realism in 'Star Force'? 

No plot shields. Everything that happens has to make sense within the storyline and the physics must be spot on. That means diverging from some of the current theories (such as relativity) as they are soon to be disproven anyway. When they are, things like Star Trek's warp drive are going to seem silly, so with an eye towards the future I've designed technology that will remain plausible and I have used ACTUAL GEOGRAPHY in mapping out the galaxy. Travel distances are accurate and the scale is appropriately huge. Our galaxy is about 1,000 lightyears THICK, so the idea of showing it on a flat map is ridiculous. Things like that bring a sense of realism that other universes lack.


What kind of technology and weapons do humans and dinosaurs use at war?

For starters, the dinosaurs don't eat people. They shoot you with energy weapons or pick you up with their telekinesis and rip your arms and legs off. They don't need to touch you to kill you, let alone bite you. In combat they wear full body armor that contains it's own weapons, and the only way the Humans can fight back is using mechs. In space huge fleets with ships miles long fight with a multitude of weapons and defenses, but it's a well known fact that whoever wins the naval war controls the galaxy. Ground fighting is pointless when ships over your head can bombard you into nothingness...which is why planets have defense shields to force invaders to land and try to take them out.

Since you've written over 3 million words in this series, do you ever bring up details from the older books in your more recent chapters? How do you keep track of the details? 

Most I just remember, but character names and numbers I have to keep a list of. Readers learn as they go, and words like 'Pefbar' become part of their vocabulary when the terms are used over and over again. Everyone knows what Jedi and Sith are now, and it's kind of the same way. My books build a universe, and that universe is the glue that connects them all even if the characters are different.

What other creatures would readers expect to find in 'Star Force'? 

The Human empire incorporates hundreds of other races into it, so you've got ample aliens to learn about, but the most notable addition are the Hamoriti. They are giant starship-sized living creatures that live in and fly through space under their own power. They can even take a swim inside stars and like to spawn inside black holes. To them Humans are but ants, and millions of years ago they were enslaved and used as system-destroyers until a long and bloody war managed to disable and sedate them...for they were too strong to destroy, with skin like rock that just drinks up energy weapons.


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