Fant4stic’s Josh Trank Reveals He Banned Max Landis from the Set of Chronicle

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Screenwriter Max Landis was the guy who wrote films like Chronicle, Bright,Victor Frankenstein, and American Ultra, and he's found himself in the spotlight after several women have come forward to accuse of him sexual and emotional abuse. As it turns out Josh Trank, who directed Landis' Chronicle had banned Landis from the set and is taking his stance when it comes to these allegations against Landis.

Trank posts:

Though everyone unanimously agrees that Landis is horrible, it's kind of funny coming from someone like Trank, who himself had undergone scrutiny for what happened to his Fant4stic film. There were rumors about his ‘destructive' behavior on set, but it could just be a result of 20th Century Fox heavily meddling with the project.


You can learn all about it here:

Trank, however, is looking to get back on his feet, and his next project, Fonzo, starring Tom Hardy and Linda Cardellini, is already in the post-production process.

Going back to Landis though, Trank isn't the first to speak out about him after the allegations came out. Besides the women who talked to The Daily Beast, the production of Shadow in the Cloud starring Chloe Grace Moretz has also distanced themselves from Landis. MGM has also removed Deeper from their release calendar; the movie was written by Landis and had Idris Elba set to star.

We don't know what the fallout will be of this will be, but I imagine we won't be seeing Landis working for some time.

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