Fans Try Speed Dating At Star Wars Celebration Orlando

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What better place for a Star Wars fan to find love than in Star Wars Celebration?

Gathering tens of thousands of Star Wars fans together to enjoy the things that they love the most about the franchise, Star Wars Celebration is full of different people who share one thing in common: their passion for Star Wars.

Taking the opportunity to play matchmaker, ABC News reports that the organizers of Star Wars Celebration Orlando decided to offer fans "Nerd Nite Speed Dating."


According to the publication the events with sessions for men seeking woman and vice versa as well as for women seeking women and men seeking men were almost always sold out during last week's Star Wars Celebration.

"What better woman than a woman that you can go to dinner with? And as you're discussing where you want to go," said Andrew, one of the participants of the Star Wars speed dating event, "you can interrupt her right in the middle of a sentence and go, ‘Yeah but Han shot first.' And she'd get it, and laugh about it."

"Nerd Nite Speed Dating" participants were all given just three minutes with each potential partner, however the bonding over favorite Jedi, bounty hunters and aliens have lead to some pretty great matches. Matt Wasowski who manages the Star Wars speed dating events said that some past sessions have lead to at least a couple of marriages.

"I am a 'Star Wars' cupid," Wasowski said. "As long as Luke and Leias aren't getting together, then we'll feel better about that."

Of course while a strong passion for Star Wars doesn't really ensure a sure-fire relationship with someone, it's a pretty great place to start. You wouldn't have to fight over keeping your Star Wars figures and you'd finally have someone who'd get it when you respond with an "I know" when they profess their love for you. Sounds pretty good to me.

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