Fans Aren’t Pleased With The Latest Casting For The Hellboy Reboot

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The Hellboy reboot just sparked some controversy, now that Ed Skrein was cast as Ben Daimio. While Skrein is a talented actor, as his villainous role from Deadpool showed, this is another case of Hollywood casting a white actor as an Asian character. Daimio is a Japanese-American character, hence the amount of controversy regarding Skrein's casting.

Fans on Twitter were quick to voice their displeasure regarding the choice, criticizing Hollywood for taking another role away from Asian actors. Some have also voiced their displeasure towards Skrein, claiming that a White actor like him shouldn't have taken the role. There were even others who wanted to blame the Casting Director, either way it isn't a pretty situation.

It's fairly reminiscent of the casting of Scarlett Johansen as Major Kusanagi in the 2017 Ghost in the Shell live-action film. The film itself ended up being a failure, so the executives of this reboot will have to tread carefully when addressing this. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola approved of the casting, congratulating the actor on Twitter, but he ended up getting some shade from fans.

Hellboy is slated for a 2018 release, though no specific date has been given as of this writing. Ed Skrein, Mila Jokovich and Ian McShane will be in the film. Oddly enough, no one has been cast as titular character.

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