Fanmade Teaser Trailer For Captain America: Civil War Looks Amazing

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Marvel Studios opted out on having a panel at this year's Comic-Con, so fans' have to wait a little longer for the release of an official trailer for Captain America: Civil War. But fear not, a fan by the name of Destination Avatar has created a fanmade bootleg-style teaser trailer to hold us over while we wait. She says:

"I'm beyond stoked for this movie, I really am and as a fan.. when I see a promo image, official concept art/fanart/trailers/tv spots, etc. the fangirl comes outa me. If you like guys this bootleg "leaked" style I might make this a thing. I tried to incorporate everything we've heard so far about the film into the trailer. It was really hard to find footage."

The trailer itself look awesome, but I really didn't care for the bootleg-style of the video. The swaying and moments when the video became unfocused turned me off slightly. I would love to see the video redone in a clean version.


Captain America: Civil War is set to release in theaters on May 6, 2016.